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Mar 15, 2021

One of the main sources to gain buffs and bonuses is by equipping items on your lord and by adding badges to that equipment. Players kill rebel leaders or by the items from packs to upgrade them. In this guide, I will review all the available different equipment sets and review the buffs and bonuses they give, and discuss their importance and purposes.

Lord Equipment

Your lord can take up to 9 pieces of equipment. The first 7 slots are open at the very start and you can equip “Head”, “Main Hand”, “Legs”, “Off-hand”, “Chest”, “Accessory 1” and the “Ring”.

When you upgrade your blacksmith to level 17, the “Accessory 2” slot will unlock, and at level 25 Blacksmith your “Accessory 3” slot will unlock.


The “Ring” slot is for a marriage ring or the ring that you can take from taking the night’s watch oath from "Ceremonial Sept" and is a bit different from other equipment slots. This rin can be upgraded with "Charm" to unlock marriage skills.

Equipment Sets

If you open blacksmith you can see the different available equipment sets and their offered bonuses. To do this open the “Forge” tab and click on the tiny “!” icon for each set. Each equipment offers different “Basic attributes” that are an active bonus, meaning they will only apply if you have the piece equipped and if your lord is available. When you have the entire equipment set at certain qualities (usually starting at blue quality), they will activate a passive “Set bonus” buff as well which will always apply even if your lord is not available or regardless of the items that are equipped on your lord.

Different sets are available in different ways. Here is a list of all sets and their different sources:


But for different purposes, It’s best to use a combination of these sets. In this part of the guide, I will introduce some of these applications and the correct set for each purpose:

A)   Construction

To start new construction, it’s best to equip these items on your lord before starting the construction. Changing your gear after starting a new construction will not affect the construction time. You don’t have to keep these items equipped after starting new construction.


The “New Lord’s Sword” is better than “Builder’s Pickaxe” before it reaches purple quality. When your “Builder’s Pickaxe” is purple, replace it on the Main-Hand slot.

B)    Researches

Just like a construction set, you need to equip this set before starting new research and you don’t have to keep them equipped afterward.


“Glorious Shield” if it’s of the same quality as your “Lofty Crown Handguard”, offers more research speed and should be replaced in the Off-hand slot. Also, “New Lord Armor” has more research speed than “Maester’s Robes” at blue or lower quality and should be used on the Chest slot till your “Maester’s Robes” is at the purple quality.

If you don’t have the 3 accessories to reduce research speed or if you care about resources for starting new research more than the speed, you can use “Ring of New Lord” to reduce the resource cost.

C)    Gathering

For gathering bonuses to affect you just need your lord to have the items from Huntsman Set equipped. Your lord doesn’t have to be deployed on your gathering marches for any of these buffs to effect and these bonuses will affect all your gathering marches as long as you have these items equipped before sending out the gathering marches.


D)   Expeditions against Rebel Leaders

For sending an expedition against a rebel leader, you can increase your commander's damage and stats by using the items from “Mountain Clan Set”. Note that these items buffs will only affect if your lord is deployed in the march against the rebel leader. If your lord is not one of the six commanders in the formation attacking the rebel leader, then it doesn’t matter if you have these items equipped or not.


E)    Troop Training

To train troops faster, it’s best if you equip these items on your lord before starting the training.


“Lofty Crown Sword” if you have it at a higher quality than “Oath Hyperbolic Bow” is a better item for increasing training speed.

F)    Fight Sets

To create a fight set, you need to know your formation and the specific military buffs you want to advance. Glorious and Royal Kingsgaurd sets are the main fight sets as by using them the enemy won’t be able to guess your troop formation and to counter you. If you have Royal Kingsgaurd set at a higher quality than Glorious set, then it’s better to use that.

Glorious Set:


Royal Kingsgaurd Set:


The gold Royal Kingsgaurd set is in general very equal to the purple Glorious set. Please note that if you own Glorious Jewelry, you can use them alongside the Royal Kingsgaurd set to maximize the certain troop buffs you’re after. Royal Kingsgaurd has only one accessory which adds 16% to each of the Infantry attack, Cavalry attack, and Spearmen attack when it’s gold.

If you don’t have a good enough Glorious or Royal Kingsgaurd, you need to use equipment that will maximize your army's attack and the defense and health of your frontline. Here I will post some suggestions to boost certain troop type attacks more without Glorious pieces:

1)    Infantry Attack


2)    Cavalry Attack


3)    Spearmen Attack


To create the perfect set based on your formation I recommend increasing your frontline health and defense and increasing your main troop type buffs and bonuses. For example, if you want to use Infantry spearmen with heavy spearmen army, you need to focus on Spearmen attack mainly and add infantry health and defense and infantry attack to it if possible.

It’s very important to push toward more general use equipment to be able to hide your formation from the enemy.

All military buffs from lord equipment will only effect when your lord is available and deployed. If your lord is sheltered, captured, or dead, or if your lord is not deployed as one of your 5 commanders in a battle, you won’t benefit from your active equipment bonuses. Set bonuses that activate when you have the entire items of certain equipment set at blue or higher quality, are the exception and will always affect regardless of the situation with your lord and the currently equipped items.


In addition to lord equipment bonuses, you can get additional buffs from your equipment by equipping badges on them. Each piece of equipment (but the marriage ring) has 3 badge slots at the start. You can add a new badge slot to all your equipment (to have 4 on each) after researching “Badge Mastery” from the “Refinement” research tree.

You can’t equip 2 badges of the same type on the same equipment. For example, you can’t equip two infantry attack badges on the same item. Because of this, you can have a maximum of 8 badges of the same type equipped on all of your items (because there are 8 different equipment slots and you can equip one badge of that type on each)

A higher-quality badge can be forged by combining 4 lower-quality badges. For example, 4 blue Spearmen Attack badges can combine to create one purple Spearmen Attack Badge. You can also dismantle a higher quality badge into 4 lower quality badges of the same type. For example, you can break 1 gold cavalry attack badge into 4 purple cavalry attack badges. To combine or dismantle badges, you can visit Blacksmith>Inventory>Badges


Health badges only exist at the gold quality and can’t be dismantled to lower quality.

All available badge types and their sources are mentioned in the table below:


It’s not always good to use the higher quality badges. A green spearmen attack badge only adds 3.75% Spear attack when a grey one adds 2% each so if you break the green badge to 4 grey spear attack badges you can have 8% spear attack. The main issue with splitting badges too much is the limited space for equipping them (as mentioned you can only have 8 badges of the same type equipped)

Using double effect (like spearmen – cavalry attack badge) or royal badges (with the total attack, …) that you can earn from other sources, at the same time with casual badges is a great solution for buffing your certain troop type more. For example, if you want your infantry attack boosted, you can have 8 Infantry attack badges, 8 Infantry attack-defense badges, 8 total badges, and the double effect badges with an infantry attack.

Badges will only affect if they are equipped just like lord's equipment so you need to re-equip them on your equipment if you change the equipment you’re using. Badges will only affect battles in which your lord is deployed and if your lord is not participating in a battle you won’t benefit from badges.

Also, note that badge bonuses are only for military purposes and won’t affect anything else – not event in commander-specific battles such as expeditions against rebel leaders.

Thanks for reading my guide. I hope that I managed to explain the lord's equipment and badges and help you with them. --War Angel


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