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Feb 23, 2023

The idle mode will be introduced to the Weirwood Tree Trials in the latest update where you will be able to save lots of time by obtaining rewards that are accumulated over time after clearing different stages, instead of blitzing stages repeatedly. The more stages cleared, the more rewards accumulated. In addition, a Weirwood Tree Shop is added where players can use the new item ‘Weirwood Tokens’ to redeem various commander medals that are dropped randomly from different stages in the old version. Read on for more details.

Introducing New Idle Mode

The new idle mode is introduced with the brand new interface of the Weirwood Tree Trials. Unlike the previous winding path, players can see their armies running on the wall confronting the enemies.

Besides the interface, what’s more important is the way that players challenge stages and obtain rewards is changed. Previously, players need to repeatedly blitz stages in the Weirwood Tree Trials to obtain materials, equipment and commander medals. In the new version, once the stages are cleared, rewards will be generated automatically as time goes by even when players are offline. In other words, the way to obtain stage rewards has been changed from manually blitzing to automatically generated (away from keyboard). With more stages cleared, the amount of gains per unit of time will increase gradually. You can check out the gains on the left upper corner of the interface.

Clearing New Stages to Maximize Gains

Players may find the number of stages increased in the new version since the previous Elite Stages are distributed into the stages with the Elite Stage tab gone. In the old version of Weirwood Tree Trials, there are 216 stages in total: 162 Normal stages and 54 Elite Stages. For the new version of Weirwood Tree, there will be more new stages and if you clear them, you will maximize your rate of production.

In addition, the difficulty curve will be smoother between stages for a better gaming experience. Players’ original progress in the old version of Weirwood Tree will be converted into new progress according to the difficulty coefficient in the new version. For example, as an original stage 'Elite 1-3' will be converted into stage 1-13 in the new Weirwood Tree Trials. *Please check this sheet to see how the progress of Weirwood Tree was converted.

For some quests that are related to the old version of Weirwood Tree Trials (say Clearing the stages X times, or similar quests in the Recruitment Pass), rest assured that compensation will be sent after the version update. Please keep an eye on the in-game mail.

Using Spirit of Weirwood Tree to Quickly Obtain Rewards

Instead of using "Stamina" to blitz stages that have been cleared with 3 stars, players will use "Stamina" to immediately obtain materials and resources after clearing stages. And the item Spirit of Weirwood Tree is still kept to be used to increase "Stamina".

The new Weirwood Token and Lord EXP, as well as three kinds of materials (namely Bronze Medal, Silver Medal and Gold Medal), are the main gains after clearing the stages. Bronze Medal, Silver Medal, and Gold Medal are newly added to the game to replace the various kinds of equipment that are required for Commander Promotion.

*More details about changes to the Commander Promotion will be exposed. Stay tuned.

Redeem Commander Medals in the Weirwood Tree Shop

The Weirwood Shop is newly added where players can use the new Weirwood Token to redeem Commander Medals that are randomly dropped from stages in the old version. The difference is that you have to make wise choices since there are limits on the commander medals that you can redeem daily.

Are you ready to face the challenges in the new Weirwood Tree Trials?

Please note that the above content might be changed due to the changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.

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