[PLAYER GUIDE] Weirwood Trials: Elite Sansa 8-9 and Haley 8-18

Jun 18, 2020

*Special thanks to some anonymous players for contributing their Weirwood Trial tips to us!

Primary Commanders in Weirwood Trials to use:

Frontline: Kevin; Rob; Chris; Gorell; Jon Snow( if you have him, but not really needed)

*Both frontline backline: Sansa (depends solely on the case)

Backline: Sheila; Margaery; Kravras; Melisandre; Varys; Arya; Theon; Soren. *Cersei Lannister( if you have her, but not really needed)

Sheila and Sansa are 2 commanders you would want to use absolutely every case during Weirwood Trials. They just are best, due to Sheila special ability stuns the one hitting plus you can choose any target you want to kill with special ability, this means you can save your other commander from dying during the fight in the Weirwood. Sansa is good due to her special ability of healing commanders and her high HP.

How to win these difficult Weirwood cases, the commander showings will pretty much help you to win any enemy commander in Weirwood Trials. Remember it can only be done manually if you want to pass with three stars. 1 mistake means you will not finish with 3 stars.

"One For All" Formation --- A Useful Formation to Pass Most Stages with Three Stars

As one of the most difficult stage, Weirwood Trail 8-9 can be done easily with right commanders if you have bought commanders like Kevin and Margaery, but remember you gotta stun Boss Sansa with Gorell and use your own Sansa to heal as fast as possible and hold stuns so that the boss will be so much stunned as possible. Due to this, Kravras is also a very good commander. Although Margaery doesn't make a shield for commanders, she hastens your other commanders' special abilities to work faster.


This formation will also work on Elite Haley 8-18. Please remember these commanders are quite hard to get and p2p ones, also this is the easiest method to get absolutely all Weirwood Trials done, by just these 6 commanders. You just gotta put frontlines correctly.


The Most Accessible Formations for Players:

a. 2 F2P Formations for Elite Sansa 8-9

*Remember you need literally most of commanders gold lvl 60 and tier 8th. Also, be sure to keep stunning Boss Sansa and heal your commanders quickly.



b. F2P formation for Elite Haley 8-18



Please note that the above guide is from the experience of different players and is made based on the current version. It might need a slight adjustment due to the development plan.

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