Recruitment Pass Returns with Castle Exterior Added!

Dec 03, 2020

The holiday season is coming closer and the Black Friday deals in game are ready! Starting from Season 2, the Legendary Hero Decree in Recruitment Pass will be available as 200 Black Diamonds (50% off!), and will remain the price in the following seasons. Additionally, castle exteriors are added in the Recruitment Pass shop. Read on to learn more details.


Legendary Hero Decree 50% off

Basic rewards are unlocked by default every Recruitment Pass season. You may unlock the Hero Decree and Legendary Hero Decree for additional rewards. You can switch commanders freely after unlocking the Legendary Hero Decree if he/she is not the one that you want.

Starting from Season 2 Recruitment Pass, the Legendary Hero Decree will be available at a price 50% OFF than season 1, and WILL REMAIN as 50% off in the following seasons.

Note: For all lords and ladies who have bought as 400 Black Diamonds before the discount, the 200 Black Diamonds will be returned to you via System Mail. Please don’t forget to check it out.


Challenge Quests Added

Apart from Active Reward quests, you can also complete Challenge quests to earn Recruitment Pass Reputation and increase Recruitment Pass Level. 

When Recruitment Pass Level is at max, Lords who unlocked the Hero Decree or Legendary Hero Decree will obtain rarer corresponding rewards each time the Recruitment Pass Level is increased.

 1 interface.png

Castle Exteriors Available in Recruitment Pass Shop

The Recruitment Shop is newly added to Recruitment Pass. The Pass Coins obtained from the Hero Decree can be used to redeem exclusive rewards from the Recruitment Pass Shop.

Castle Exterior Coupons can be used to redeem Castle Exteriors from the Recruitment Pass Shop. The remaining Pass Coins and Castle Exterior Coupons will carry over to the next season.

2 shop.png 


The Recruitment Pass Season 2 will open soon with commanders Raymond, Andrea, Leana Waters and Annie available.

How do you like the updated Recruitment Pass? Let us know in the comments.


*Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to the change of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

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