Memorial Day Notice

Apr 04, 2020

Countries around the world commemorate in their own specific and traditional ways, on different days throughout the year. Memorial Day, Remembrance Day, Armistice Day or Anzac Day, from the USA to China, Germany to Australia, Belgium to England. One thing is clear: compassion and solidarity exist all around the world in a solemn act, honoring the dead.

Today, we all face a horrific enemy, invisible and deadly - COVID-19. Currently, over 50,000 victims fell under its devastating attack, which still continues to hunt the entire world.

We would like everyone's support in our attempt to hold a Memorial Day. Here in this game, everyone will have a Protection Shield as that is how we wish everyone in the world to be protected at all times from this merciless virus.

About Special Shield:

Everyone will be activated with 12 hours of Protection Shield from time to time until 6:00 April 5th UTC.


Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Team

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