[Anniversary News] Welcome Back to Westeros!!

Mar 24, 2020

Welcome to the Anniversary Party of Game of Thrones Winter is Coming!

Friendship is a very crucial factor in the land of Westeros in order to achieve all kinds of success. Do you remember those fellow fighters from the early days? Are you still keeping in touch with them in the game or in real life?

During our first anniversary, there is a great chance that both of you will be rewarded handsomely if you can call back your friends who have left the game! Check out below to learn more!

Whether you have been continuously playing a game of Thrones Winter is Coming or you just come back to Westeros, we've prepared a series of events for you and your friends!

Event Duration: 2020/03/20 00:00:01--2020/04/19 00:00:00 UTC

Entrance: Enter "Return to Westeros" by clicking "Major Events" on the game interface.

I. If you have been continuously playing the game and have logged in the game during the event (March 20th- April 19th)

You will have a unique invitation code that you can send to the recommended players shown on the event page. once the invitee comes back to the game and enters your code in his/her page, you will get a certain number of Companion Points and both of you will get an amazing reward.

There will be a series of activities for the returned players. For every activity they completed, their inviter will also get Companion Points.


Companion Store:

With Companion Points, you can exchange rewards like castle exteriors, say Mark of True Dragon, and so many other items!


Note: You can only invite 10 people successfully.

II.If you are just invited to come back to Westeros


It’s time to claim your rewards first! Simply enter the invitation code that you’ve got from your friend in the event panel to activate the rewards for BOTH OF YOU!

It’s time to claim your rewards first! Simply enter the invitation code that you’ve got from your friend in the event panel to activate the rewards for BOTH OF YOU!


Apart from that, we’ve also tons of gifts to help you take back your former glory!

-     Callback Bonus:

During the event, your Training and Research Speed will be increased by 15%, Gathering Speed by 30% and Army Attack by 20%.  

-     Free Server Transfer:

If you haven’t logged in for weeks and are behind your server, you will have one free chance to move to any kingdom that has been opened for more than 90days to start where you are more suited at.

-     Login Rewards:

A reward can be claimed for every daily login for seven days.

-     7-day Trials:

A series of activities lined up for you to take on and amazing rewards are waiting for you upon completion.

-     Callback Shop:

In this shop you will be able to buy a copious amount of resources and items with a massive discount!

Come back soon to join a fun and exciting journey with your friends in Westeros!

*Please note that the above content (including the screenshots) might be adjusted according to the change of development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

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