Alliance Conquest Season 1 Heads Up

Dec 20, 2019

After a month’s waiting, the official Season 1 of Alliance Conquest is finally around the corner! Thank you all for your feedback and our developers have made some improvements to make the event more enjoyable.

The first registration day of Season 1 will open on Dec. 17! Read on for more details.

1. Schedule:

The new season consists of 8 matches in total for the following 4 weeks. During the season, 00:00-24:00(GMT) on each Tuesday and Friday will be the Registration Day and 00:00-24:00 (GMT) on each Wednesday and Saturday will be the Match Day. Now let’s take a look at the detailed timetable. Set your alarm and get ready for the war!


2. Improvements:

Based on the most mentioned suggestions, below are the improvements that devs made for Season 1.

1) Duke and officials can now choose from FOUR TIME SLOTS for the battle when registering:

01:00-02:00;   07:00-08:00;   13:00-14:00;   19:00-20:00 (All on GMT)

Call on as many members as you can to triumph over your rival alliances!

2) Besides Duke, OFFICIALS can now purchase from Valor Shop with Alliance Tokens for the whole alliance in each battle.

3) The buff you gain from the Commander Loyalty System will take effect during the match in Alliance Conquest. Don’t forget to open Friendly Chests and level up the loyalty level.

4) Pre-set formations made before the match can now be applied during the match in Alliance Conquest.

5) You can now save, share or mark coordination, which makes it more efficient during the battle.

6) The hospital page will not disappear immediately after you click on “Heal” button, so that you can keep using speedup items to heal your soldiers.

7) Initial Points have been slightly adjusted to make the match mechanism more reasonable. Alliances won’t likely meet opponents with those alliances whose BR is much higher than theirs based on their Initial Points. Rank higher before the battle to secure your alliance advantage over your rivals!

8) “Dead” soldiers in detailed battle reports are changed to “Injured” in order not to cause confusion.


3. Mini-map Display

Devs have also improved the mini-map where the details of the battle field will be shown. All the statistics in the panel will be dynamic according to the changes in the battle. Analyze the situation, make your plans and changes to defeat your opponents!

battle field.png

Get ready to face off challenges and obtain the exclusive castle exterior Dragon’s Crown, unique titles, avatars and upgrade Commander Mengo!

If you are not yet familiar with Alliance Conquest, check the links below:

- Alliance Conquest page:  (Check out the latest news about Alliance Conquest and vote for the players that you like!)

- Rules:

- Rewards:

- Event Preview:

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