War of the Kingdoms

Jun 28, 2019

Drumroll please! Lords and ladies, the wait is finally over! We are excited to announce the release of War of the Kingdoms in the latest update in Game of Thrones Winter is Coming!


【Event Rules】

1.    The Kingdoms which are unprotected andfinished all World Progression Chapters can participate in the War of theKingdoms Event;

2.    During the event, two kingdomswill be randomly picked as opponents by the system and obtain points byattacking enemy kingdom or defending the home kingdom;

3.    By the end of the event,kingdoms with higher points will be the winner;

4.    Players from the same matchwill be ranked based on the points obtained individually;

【Point Rules】

1.    Points can be obtained by eliminatingenemies, gathering resources, attacking Rebel Leaders and occupying GreatCities (all in the enemy kingdom), amongst which occupying Great Cities rewards themost points;

2.    Points can also be obtained byeliminating enemies and occupying Great Cities in your home kingdom;

3.    Your alliance and kingdom willalso obtain points when you get individual points. However, the points willonly be counted once for your alliance and kingdom when occupying a Great Citytogether with other players.

【Event Rewards】

1.    During the event, you and youralliance can claim great rewards once the points obtained reach to a certain stage;

2.    After the event, you and youralliance will be rewarded based on solo rankings and alliance rankings;

3.    On the day after the event,Crystal Mines will appear on the World Map of all kingdoms that haveparticipated in the event. The level of the Crystal Mine depends on the kingdom’srank.  

Rule of Occupying Great Cities

1.    During the event, all GreatCities will be in “Dispute” mode and return to “Peace” mode after the event;

2.    During the event, the alliancethat occupies a Great City for the longest time will claim the Great City afterthe event;

3.    The buffs from occupying a GreatCity in the enemy kingdom cannot be used at the same time as those from homekingdom.


1.    During the event, it is notallowed to join or leave an alliance;

2.    During the event, it is notallowed to use Transnational Relocation;

3.    During the event, TrainingGrounds will be closed.

Wars and schemes never end here in Westeros. Join the event and protect your kingdom in Game of Thrones Winter is Coming!

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