Update Notice on July 2nd

Jul 02, 2020

The Album Collection event which helps evoke memories of eight seasons of GOT is now available in game. Check out below the detailed contents of this update.

1. New Features

- Added New Feature “Album Collection”, Royal Lords and Ladies will be able to collect Photo Shards from upcoming events. By completing a whole set of photo shards will not only unlock the photo but also provide additional bonuses. Exchange of photo shards between Royal Lords will also be possible, please check the description in-game for more details.

- Added New Event “Summer Festival”, Royal Lords and Ladies can obtain fireworks during the event, and they can be used in the Great Cities in a specific period of time.

- Added New Feature “Blacklist”, Royal Lords and Ladies can now blacklist others to block the other’s mail, private message and requests.

- Added New “Dragonforged Pack”, Royal Lords and Ladies can obtain Mark of the True Dragon by purchasing specific packs in "Benefit" menu.

2. Improvements

- "Social" Button has now been moved inside of "More" menu in the bottom of Main screen. 

- Improved some other game experience and GUI.

3. Bug Fixes

- Fixed the issue with Incorrect Rally Marching Speed in Army of the Dead Event.

- Fixed the issue that some of the Royal Lords and Ladies has negative numbers in “Kills” counter.

- Fixed the issue that scouting player camps on the map do not retrieve reports.

- Fixed the issue that some of the Royal Lords and Ladies unable to enter Training Grounds.

- Fixed some other minor bugs.

GoT Winter is Coming Team

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