Update on Oct 30, 2019

Oct 30, 2019

Hello, my lord. The Maesters from Maester's Tower have completed the update. 
Have fun and prepare for the winter!

Here are the contents of this update:
1. New Features
- Added new “Commander Friendship” system. Royal lords could access the Traven and send gifts to their unlocked commanders. This could enhance the level of friendship and grants different types of buffs.
- Added new “Alliance Conquest” event. During the event, there will be multiple rounds of Cross-server battle between Alliances. Member of both alliance would be able to enter the Cross-server Battlefield and fight to obtain event points.
- Added new "Elite Trials" event, royal lords could fight along with other aliance members in Boss Trials and compete the progress with other alliances. Great rewards awaits!

2. Improvements
- Improved the UI and enhanced experience related to dragon skills.
- Improved the pop-up notification when the Westerosi Navigator event is available.
- Added new reward in Westerosi Navigator : Message Frame - “Navigator”
- Royal lords could now completely remove the current set nickname.
- The enhancement of Troop Appearance has been divided into smaller levels, the time between collecting medal and leveling up the appearance would be shortened greatly.
- With the increase of royal lord's VIP level,  the alliance gift limit of the royal lord would be increased.

- Improved some other game experience and GUI.

3. Bug Fixes
- Fixed the issue that some of the alliances still appears on the original kingdom’s leaderboard after transferring to another kingdom.
- Fixed some other minor bugs.

GoT Winter is Coming Team

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