[Player Guide] Troop, Recruitment and Battles (Beginner's Guide)

Dec 26, 2019

Thank Player Sadapta in K2 for contributing his tips & advice to us!

Troops recruitment:

Do:Unlock elite troops as quickly as possible. Don't build many meleetroops (especially infantry and cavalry) until you reach elites,as these will become useless.

Getrid of your Light troops as soon as possible.

Why:royal troops are years away unless you're rich, you will be using elites for most of your time in the game. Battles work using morale,the first side to hit 0% morale loses.

Morale goes down when troops die. Light troops and veteran melee troops die very quickly. Light troops and veteran melee troops cause battles tobe lost. Don't send them to rallies.

Military focus and research:

Do:Unlock elites, as above. Unlock one at a time and build up each one. Archers are the best to build a lot of, so unlock them first. Get abase level of good military research, but no need for more.

Why: archers are ranged units, who do damage to every other unit, plustheir attack is the highest in the game. As example tier 3archer base attack is 75, but infantry base attack is only 56.Additionally if you send archers to someone rally, they are the last to get hit, so you would lose far less by sending archers to rebel camps or castle sieges, then if you would send other type of units.Moreover If you send your troops to someone else’s rally, your research, commander bonuses, sept bonuses, gear and talents do not apply. This is why, unless you want to be a top player leading your rallies, it is best to focus your efforts and hastens in trying to build as many troops as possible instead of researching to improve them. Due to that you should focus on expedition research once you have elites, as killing expedition horses, will improve you and your alliance members to develop faster. The more presents you get by killing horses, the higher the rewards are: and you can make literally 10k diamonds per day by just getting gifts, if whole alliance does that.

While,you are doing expedition, you should still do some military research,as you should not forget to attack other players, so that you could gain lord level, as this is the fastest way to improve your lord. The higher tier and lord level is, the more and higher level horses you can kill. But your primary target should be Expedition StrategiesIV- and then all after that to 6 minimum also, the more you the better it is.

If you have reached in begin already some big count of archers asexample 50 000, then you should start making spears, as they are also ranged troops with extra bonus on attacking cavalry.

Infantry/cavalry units are better at taking hits, so if you would like to go attack a player, its also smart to make them, so your frontline would be strong, as spear/bow would be far faster killed

Additional military research focus:

If you have done Expedition Strategies IV and gone a bit further, you should focus fully on military research, but do not forget to do first aid from advanced military to 7. This will help you, if you troops get wounded and you need to heal them up, so you would notneed to waste so much time hasting them. 7, because it is very hardafter 7 to get additional levels, and i would recommend going highermilitary research, before going this further.

So if you have all expedition research and first aid done you should focus on totally on military: Do not go for wall research, as it is pretty pointless and any higher rating player can easily destroy it.

First you should focus on research holding all your military together atsimilar researches, till you have reached level 7 on everything,including army weapon; army physical training and army armor upgrade-after that level things will start getting hard. Then now you should go on your main focused military, which you like as if it is bow, go full bow research till you have 10 totally made bow.

If you have done different type of army units you should focus on getting every research up so that, you first get all attacks up on the troops as infantry weapon; spearmen weapon; archers weapon and cavalry weapon. In here you should focus on 1st doing the one, which troop type you have most, i suppose most players have it first bowmen then spearmen. As they die lowest cases.

How to defend yourself from attacks with minimum loses:

1)Use your < Shelter > to hide your troops and your lord when you're away. In your shelter your troops and your lord will be protected.

2)Use < Truce > to protect your resources. You can also use it to avoid an attack on your Castle. You can ask a friend to be your protector. He or She will be able to protect you if you’re away or busy.

3)Make sure to upgrade your < hospitals >; you should concentrate yourself having 7+1(main hospital) and all else mints, so that you would have enough wounded size, plus you could easily build more troops.

4)Use reinforcement or garrison on players, who have it long time truced or are so strong that cannot be targeted in the game anymore.This way you will manage to keep your army, and if you garrison somebody, then you can put your own lord into that safe place also.

5) never take out more resource items, then you need to improve for next building/research.

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