[Player Guide] How to Prepare for Castle Siege

Dec 26, 2019

Step 1. Hospital

Make Sure you have at least 5 hospitals so that most of your troops can be covered when they get wound. A lv.25 hospital can cover 40,000 troops and provide you with 5% Total Health.



Step 2. More Troops

Check whether you have at least 250,000 troops for the siege. 400,000 – 500,000 troops will be pretty nice.

*Notice: Do not train too many troops which exceed too much the coverage of your hospitals.


Step 3. Switch Talents, Equipment and Formation

- Talents

For offensive players: Use Reset Talent item to switch your research or production talents to full attack talents. To be more precise, do not waste your talent points on defense, health, training speed or fortifications etc.    


For defensive players: Full Fortifications Attack, Bowmen Attack and Army Defense. The rest talents points could be assigned to 

- Equipment

Switch your Maester or Builder set into attack equipment set such as Champion set, Frost set or other set which depends on your formation (attaching with badges will be a plus).  



Step 4. Activate Buffs

If you’re a rally leader, don’t forget to activate your Total Attack buff which can increase 20% attack of the whole troops and use Warrior’s Summon which can increase 50% your entire army’s capacity (strongly recommend this item, if you are able to afford it)



If you’re a participant of any rally, Immediate Curfew buff will be nice for you.


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