Update Notice on 23/02/2023

Feb 22, 2023

Dear Lords and Ladies,

We will have an update at around 03:00 (GMT) on 2023.2.23 to fix a few bugs and make several improvements on Public Server. The server maintenance will last for 4 hours. During the maintenance, you will be unable to enter game. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We will send compensation via mail after the maintenance.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

Here are the contents of this update: 

1. Weirwood Tree Improvements

- Added new Weirwood Tree Reward system: Mysterious Weirwood Tree power will help Royal Lords and Ladies gather Weirwood Tree rewards automatically. The more stages you progressed, the better the rewards are. Even when you are offline, the Weirwood tree reward will be stacked and ready for collection. 72 hours of reward can be collect at once by maximum!

- The distinction between “Normal and Elite” stages will be removed, and all Weirwood Tree stage will be adjusted to one-time stages. The total quantity of stages will be increased. After the update, the number of levels that the Lord will pass will be adjusted according to the number of levels passed before the update.

- There will now be no Stamina cost to challenge stages. Stamina will be available for Blitz, and it will help the Lord to collect the Weirwood Tree Rewards much more quickly.

- All non-collected Weirwood Tree Chests (chapter star count reward) before the update will be sent into the Lord's backpack at once.

- Added new Weirwood Tree Shop: The Weirwood Tree coins you get from the Weirwood Tree can be exchanged for various rewards in the Weirwood Tree Shop.

- Improved some text displays.

2. Commander Optimization

- Changed the original Commander Promotion Rank System to new Commander Promotion Level system. Now the Commander Level cap will also be limited by the Commander promotion level. After the update is completed, current Commanders’ Level and Promotion Level will be adjusted according to the Commander's Level and Promotion Rank before the update. The Commanders’ Level and Promotion Rank lowered due to the adjustment will be returned as Commander experience and medals as compensation. Due to the reduction of Levels and Promotion Rank, Commander attributes could be decreased correspondingly. Please check the returned items and be sure to increase Commanders Levels and Promotion Level in time.

- All Commander Equipments (not Commander weapon) equipped and in inventory will be converted into medals, which could be consumed later on to increase Commander’s Promotion Level. The Commander’s attributes originally obtained by wearing equipments will now be added to the Commander when increasing Promotion Level.

- Lords can obtain medals from the new Weirwood Tree Rewards.

- Improved some text displays.

3. Improvement of Champion City Siege

- All Royal Lords’ and Ladies’ Castles will not be attackable by others during the battle.

- We have received feedback from the community. The hospital capacity during the event will no longer be able to be exceeded.

- Alliances can send up to 30 troops to defend City of Wonders after capturing it.

- The same alliance can launch multiple rallies against City of Wonders sat the same time.

- Added Elimination Stage Rewards for the event, participate to obtain them all.

4. Anniversary Celebration

- We are going to Celebrate our 4th Anniversary, feel free to participate the in-game events when the countdown begins.

- We have added a new protection effect for the Anniversary Special War of the Kingdoms Event, for more information please check it out in-game.

5. Improvements

- General grain consumption of troops has now been reduced by 30%.

- Improved the early game experience.

6. Bug fixes

- Fixed the issue of incorrect display of quantity of items.

- Fixed the issue of incorrect display of the Alliance Expedition log.

GoT Winter is Coming Team

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