Digging into Fiery Crystal Mines and Adding Castle Exterior Active Bonus

Jan 14, 2022

Are you ready to embark on the journey to dig into fiery crystal mines on Westeros on your own? 

Fiery Crystal Mine, the event that replaces the old Treasure Seeker, allows players of all levels from the qualified kingdoms to participate. The new event will be available on January 24th, 2022. Dig the fiery mines or attack a mine occupied by other players to obtain the exclusive item Fiery Crystal, and exchange it for permanent castle exteriors, SS Universal Troop Medals and other surprising fortunes! Read on to check out more details.

Requirement: Only Kingdoms that are at least 60 days old can enter Fiery Crystal Mines for digging.

Entrance: Click ”Fiery Crystal Mine” in Cross-server Page to access the event.

Event Duration:  Available every day except Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

*Note: Relocation Processing: Unable to relocate when digging in Fiery Crystal Mines.

*Friendly reminder: 

The unused attempts that you bought in the Treasure Seeker event will be exchanged into Diamonds. Please don’t forget to check your in-game system mail after the latest update in January.

Search for Treasures and Obtain Fiery Crystals

Fiery Crystal Mines are split into Local Mines and Cross-server Mines. Local Mines only allow players from your Kingdom to participate in digging, while Cross-server Mines allow up to 8 players from nearby Kingdoms to participate in digging.

Using picks within the mines to dig for Fiery Crystal Ores to obtain Fiery Crystals, which can be used to purchase items at the Fiery Crystal Shop. There is a chance to obtain other items including Troop Universal medals and Speedups while digging in Fiery Crystal Mines. 


Dig Fiery Crystal Mines and Defend Them

One Pick is consumed each time you go digging. Picks will be restored over time. Picks that are restored over time cannot exceed the limit, but Picks obtained through items can exceed the limit.

*Currently there are no ways to obtain picks other than restoring them over time.


The base digging duration is 4 hours. The duration can be extended by using additional items. The longer the duration is extended, the more additional items will be required. The Time Extension Function can only be used during the first 10 minutes of digging and it can only be used 1 time each time you go digging.


The occupying army details are hidden, only general information is available. Please note that battle only begins after 10s when attacking an owned Fiery Crystal Mine. Each Fiery Crystal Mine can only be attacked by 1 troop at each time. Unowned Fiery Crystal Mines have no guards.


In Fiery Crystal Mine battles, troops take real damage, and the Casualty Rate is 20%. Fiery Crystals Mine enjoy the Blessing of the Seven. At the end of each battle, 90% of the troops lost in battle will be resurrected. 

Make Your Choice and Exchange for Items in Fiery Crystal Shop

The Fiery Crystals that you obtain from the four kinds of mines can be used to exchange for various items in the Fiery Crystal Shop, including Garden Keep Castle Exterior Coupon (Permanent) and Northern Pine Castle Exterior Coupon (Permanent). 

In addition, album photo chests, A Troop Universal Medals, SS Troop Universal Medals, Ancient Scripture and Speedups are also available in the shop. And items in the shop are refreshed at 0 A.M. GMT on the 1st and 16th day of each month.

Unlock More Castle Exteriors and Obtain More Active Bonus

Your castle exterior active buffs will be able to increase if you unlock more exteriors in future updates. When the total level of SS-quality castle skins reach the specified number, the active bonus of all SS-quality castle skins will increase. Same for the S-quality, A quality and B-quality castle exteriors. Please note that a permanent castle exterior is required.

Take the A-quality exterior Shadow of Valyria as an example. If you have unlocked 47 A-quality castle exteriors (permanent), the total level of A-quality will be 10, and Fervor Attack, Fervor Health and Fervor Defense will be increased from 7% to 10.6%. All your A-quality castle exteriors active bonus will be increased like Shadow of Valyria.


 From Titan Fortress and Keep of Kings, to City of Prosperity and Silent Prayer, you can use the Exterior Redemption to exchange in the Exterior Shop. Meanwhile, you can use the Castle Exterior Coupon to exchange for the A-quality and S-quality exteriors in the Recruitment Pass Shop. In summary, you can obtain permanent castle exteriors from the Fiery Crystal Shop, Exterior Shop and Recruitment Pass Shop.

Build a strong squad, seek for the rare treasures and obtain more castle exterior active bonus!

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

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