Beyond Level 25: Unlock Prestige Level!

Mar 24, 2020

Which level is your castle now? Have you ever thought of upgrading further for more buffs? In the latest update, we’re excited to introduce a new feature—Prestige Level, which will allow you to upgrade to gain various buffs after your castle reaches level 25! Check out below for more details! 

Upgrade to Level 25 to Unlock Prestige Level

Once you upgrade your Castle to level 25, you will be able to unlock the Prestige system. From level 1-10, each level upgrade increases your Army Size and grants 3 Talent Points from level 5 onward. 


Not all inner-city buildings are open to unlock the Prestige Level. 

The 12 buildings that allow Prestige Level upgrade are: Castle, Wall, Hospital, Warehouse, Barracks, Dungeon, Market, Embassy, Hall of Faces, Rookery, Blacksmith and Bannerman Hall. Once unlocked, each building provides a different buff. Unlock them all to activate all the buffs! 

Note: The buildings should be upgraded to level 25 first. 

Obtain Prestige Banner to Upgrade Prestige Level

In order to upgrade the Prestige Level to obtain more buffs and increase your battle rating, a special item named Prestige Banner is essential.


There are quite a few ways that you can get Prestige Banner. 

In the coming Army of the Dead event, you will be able to claim Prestige Banner from the Individual Contribution Rewards. When the match ends, you can send Medals that you gather on the map to other players to honor their contribution and grant yourself contribution points. The higher the contribution points are, the more Prestige Banner you can collect.

Also, you can use your Contribution Token to exchange for Prestige Banner in the Contribution Shop.

Starting from the 9th War of Kingdoms, players will be able to obtain Prestige Banner after reaching certain points. 

You can exchange for Prestige Banner in VIP Shop if you are VIP 10+. 

Keep an eye on the “Benefits” as Prestige Banner will be available in the events there in the future. 


Similar to buildings upgrading, you can’t upgrade some buildings if the previous building doesn’t reach a certain Prestige Level.


Go upgrading your castle to unlock the Prestige System to grant a larger Army Size and more Talent Points to level up the newest Research!

Please note that the above content (including the screenshots) might be adjusted according to the change of development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

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