Friendship Chest: Invite Your Friends to Play and Win Great Rewards Together!

Jun 14, 2019

Big hooray for the arrival of Friend Binding System! With this new system, you can now send invitations with your unique binding code and claim great rewards after each being bound to each other!  


Requirement: Invitee’s castle is below Lv.10

Access: Click on “Friendship Chest” icon on the upper right area




1.     Share the binding code to your friends from your “Friendship Chest” page.




2.     Your invitee enters your code on their “Player Binding” page by clicking on the “+” button to complete the binding.




1.     Your friend will receive a Friendship Chest upon the completion of binding.

2.     If your friend who’s bound to you reaches 200 or higher on daily active point, you will receive a Friendship Chest. Each day you can receive up to 3 Friendship Chests so encourage your friends to complete as many daily tasks as possible!

3.     If the person you bind with recharges in game, you will receive a certain amount of diamonds (max 20,000 per account)


Time to rally your friends and get more resources to develop your city and army to step up your game!

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