Alliance Conquest FAQ

Nov 08, 2019

Alliance Conquest Testing Season is around the corner! Is your alliance ready for it? 

Once entering the battlefield, you’ll not be able to change your gear/talents/buffs. Check below a few tips you should know before the battle starts.

1. You can ONLY enter the battlefield during the Entrance Stage (30 minutes prior to the match.)

2. Don’t forget to use the buffs in Step of the Seven before entering the battlefield, such as Total Attack buff and Army Size buff.

3. Make sure your dragon and main commanders are stationed in your castle before entering the battlefield. (It is ok if the dragon is on exploration)

4. Try to improve your Military Research as much as possible.

5. Prepare enough Speed Up items (healing and boots) before entering the battlefield. (Healing troops won’t cost resources and it can cost much shorter in this battlefield than in normal PvP, and it is important to use some Speed Up items if it is necessary.)

6. Last but not least, you can understand the above tips in this way:the status and buffs you are using will be copied into the battlefield when you enter the battlefield, and then you cannot change the gear/talents/buff. In other words, your current status and buff are locked in this 1-hour battle.

We’ve also sorted out some of the frequently asked questions from the rules thread. Check them out! (Some of them of answered by our dear players.) 

Q1:If your castle is attacked on the event map and you won't lose troops, but will you lose resources if you are over your storehouse capacity?

A:Your main castle is not affected during the event and you are truced for a duration. Also, as it is in the rules, even defeating the enemy you can't get any resources.

Q2:"Upon entering, you will have to choose up to 3,000,000 stationed troops with you to the battlefield." Does this mean that the whole alliance or a single person can bring 3,000,000 troops?

A: As a single player, you are able to bring up to 3,000,000 troops if you have that many stationed troops in your original city.

Q3: "Any buffs gained after you enter the battlefield will not be counted." Does this mean that you cannot switch the gear during the battle?

A: Like troops you bring to this battlefield, all the buffs will be fixed the minute you enter the new map, which means you cannot change gears.

Q4:"Each lord can only initiate ONE rally against buildings until the building occupied before is lost." Does this mean that a SINGLE player can create a rally ONCE in a 1-hour fight?

A: As a rally initiator against a building, you can only do that once until your last occupied building is lost to your opponent. This is because once you successfully occupy a building, your buff will stay in that building even when you withdraw your troops and let your ally take it over for defending, which will not be fair to other players if the person with high buffs keeps taking over buildings.

Q5: “And they can initiate multiple rallies against a single target." How can I initiate multiple rallies when I can initiate only ONE RALLY IN THE ONE BATTLEFIELD?

A: The rally here refers to attacking a single player, meaning a single player can be rallied multiple times. when it comes to occupying a building, a single player can only initiate one rally until the building he or she occupies is lost.

Q6: I'm still not sure I'm clear on troop losses. Are those carried over to your castle in the main game? In other words, if someone gets zeroed and loses 3 million troops, is that a permanent loss or only within Alliance conquest?

A: You won’t lose any troops or get them wounded when you are attacked or even get zeroed during the Alliance Conquest, because it's a temporary loss. There is no need to worry about your troops and resources. Just have fun.

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