• A Summary of Main Events in Game
      A Summary of Main Events in Game Oct 10,2022

      Events give the players a chance for social interaction and, at the same time, help them grow and get the needed content that will help them progress in the game. They are a critical part of GoTWiC and new players could get confused with so many ongoing events at the same time. That’s why I will try to do a general description of the main events so that everyone can have a better understanding of how to do well and get the most value and rewards from them. The guide will be structured based on the type of the event: Individual, Alliance, and Cross-Server.

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    • [Player Guide] Lord Equipment and Badges
      [Player Guide] Lord Equipment and Badges Mar 15,2021

      ​One of the main sources to gain buffs and bonuses is by equipping items on your lord and by adding badges to that equipment. Players kill rebel leaders or by the items from packs to upgrade them.

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    • [Player Guide] Lord of Lords Event Guide
      [Player Guide] Lord of Lords Event Guide Nov 11,2020

      Lord of lords is a monthly event that happens at different times in different kingdoms. This means that, like all the other Kingdom events that you can see in Benefits page, Kingdoms will have their Lord of Lord event at different times.

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