• Update on Nov 26, 2019
      Update on Nov 26, 2019 Nov 27,2019

      - “Common Draw” of Dragon Skills now have 5 free draws daily. - Improved Protection System, royal lords now need to reach level 10 in order to use the Protection feature.

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    • Update on Nov 14, 2019
      Update on Nov 14, 2019 Nov 14,2019

      Added new “Dragon Album” system. Royal lords can obtain rare photos from dragon explorations. Royal lords can check owned photos from the “Dragon Album”. Added new “VIP Store” feature. Royal lords can check it out from the “Benefit” Icon.

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    • Update on Oct 30, 2019
      Update on Oct 30, 2019 Oct 30,2019

      Added new “Commander Friendship” system, “Alliance Conquest” event and "Elite Trials"

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