• Team up with Your Friends to Seek Treasure throughout Westeros!
      Team up with Your Friends to Seek Treasure throughout Westeros! Jun 12,2020

      From June 14th to June 16th, the first Treasure Seeker event will be available in-game, where you can team up with your friends to seek the long lost treasure or plunder a treasure site occupied by other players. Dragon dyes, dragon essences, badges, and other surprising fortunes are up for anyone's grab!

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    • Customize Your Dragon and Gain Buffs!
      Customize Your Dragon and Gain Buffs! May 21,2020

      It's exciting that we can finally customize the dragons in the next version update in GoT Winter is Coming! From the body to the bone, from back to chest and wings, you can use various colors to dye your dragons and even add scars to them to gain buffs all at your choice! Check below to find out more details!

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    • Champion City Siege
      Champion City Siege Apr 26,2020

      Last week we gave a brief introduction to the new cross-server event --- Champion City Siege. Now it’s only a few more days before the event officially kicks off! Read this article and find out the important rules that you should pay more attention to!

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