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Eye of R'hllor

Eye of R'hllor

Equipment bonus

  • Research Speed Research Speed 20%
  • Total Defense Total Defense 3%
  • Gold Dragons Production Gold Dragons Production 12%

Material cost

  • Jute

    Fiber extracted from plants. Used for making ropes and clothing.

    Resources Collection - Grain

  • Poplar Branch
    Poplar Branch
    Poplar Branch

    Branches of aspen trees. A product used in bonfires, construction, and equipment crafting.

    Resources Collection - Wood

  • Cobblestone

    A natural stone mainly used in paving roads. May also be used in making stone tools.

    Resources Collection - Stone

  • Corundum

    A tool belt worn by a craftsmen in Flea Bottom. They carry a variety of tools with them, so they can craft whenever they want.

    Resources Collection - Iron


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