Jon Snow
Jon Snow

Jon Snow

    1. Lord Commander's Charge

      Lord Commander's Charge

      Jon Snow rides at the head of the spear, launching 2 attacks against targets in a cone area and dealing {5768} damage per attack.

    2. Long Night's Vigil

      Long Night's Vigil

      Their oath sustains the Night's Watch beyond the limits of ordinary men. 15% chance of recovering {5760} Health after suffering a lethal hit.

    3. Shield of the Kingdom

      Shield of the Kingdom

      Snow's stirring speech motivates the men of the Night's Watch, adding {1310} to defense and [color=#7dd376]{1310} [/color] to attack every 7 attacks. Effect lasts 5 seconds.

    4. Night's Watch Oath

      Night's Watch Oath

      Adds {150} to Command.

    1. Longclaw


      Deals damage equivalent to 200% of the troop's attack to the enemy.

    2. Dominator's Adamance

      Dominator's Adamance

      Total Defense increased by 25%.

    3. Dominator's Howl

      Dominator's Howl

      Total Attack increased by 25%.

    4. Dominator's Encouragement

      Dominator's Encouragement

      Total Health increased by 25%.

  • In Westeros, illegitimate children bring disgrace to a family. Despite that, Eddard Stark took Jon Snow in and raised him alongside his own children. Although Jon formed close bonds with his siblings, the stigma of being a bastard weighed heavy on his heart. To escape the shame, Jon joined the Night's Watch - a hard and tumultuous life dedicated to guarding the Wall. After many years and battles in defense of the Seven Kingdoms, Jon won the respect of his comrades, and was chosen to be the 998th Lord Commander.


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