1. Oathsworn


      Lord Chris swears to protect and fight for the glory of his house. Deals {4192} damage to targets in a round area, plus a 3 second stun.

    2. Prepared for War

      Prepared for War

      Chris rallies his soldiers for battle. Grants {5598} Damage Reduction for 5 seconds every 10 seconds.

    3. Glorious Watch

      Glorious Watch

      Insults to House Aldridge are met swiftly and without remorse. Adds {2394} to Defense for 5 seconds when attacked. Triggers once every 15 seconds.

    4. Noble Heir

      Noble Heir

      Adds {1863} Defense to all guards.

    1. Sword of Honor

      Sword of Honor

      Deals damage equivalent to 200% of the troop's attack to the enemy.

    2. Structure Specialization

      Structure Specialization

      Building Construction Speed increased by 20%.

    3. Warrior's Fury

      Warrior's Fury

      Infantry Attack increased by 30%.

    4. Warrior's Inspiration

      Warrior's Inspiration

      Infantry Health increased by 30%.

  • Chris's father, Lord of House Aldridge, married for love instead of duty, but held his son to a higher standard. Resentment for this led the young noble to renounce his title when he came of age and venture out into the Seven Kingdoms on his own. Chris experienced hardship, love, and loss; and he witnessed first hand the abuses that those in power often inflict on the poor and the weak. With this learning came the knowledge that his title gave him the ability to make things better, and when the summons came for him to return to home, he was already on his way.


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