1. Eviscerate


      Launches 3 attacks with a frog spear coated with poison. Each attack deals {6817} damage, and has a 70% chance of poisoning the target, which deals {1125} damage every second for 3 seconds.

    2. Bog Devils

      Bog Devils

      The crannogmen of the Neck are known for their lightning reflexes. Adds {3065} to Attack and {240} to Evade for 3 seconds every 9 seconds.

    3. Crannogmen Poison

      Crannogmen Poison

      Deal {2589} additional damage to poisoned, burning or bleeding targets.

    4. Lost in Shadow

      Lost in Shadow

      Adds {240} to Evade.

    1. Marsh Ambush

      Marsh Ambush

      Deals damage equivalent to 200% of the troop's attack to the enemy.

    2. Preying Spears

      Preying Spears

      Spearmen Attack increased by 30%.

    3. Turtle Shell

      Turtle Shell

      Spearmen Defense increased by 30%.

    4. Phalanx's Inspiration

      Phalanx's Inspiration

      Spearmen Health increased by 30%.

  • Meranda of House Reed was raised to fear strangers and the outside world. But one day she spotted a traveler in the mist playing his lute. Meranda, having never heard anything so beautiful, fell asleep to the music. She awoke alone and unharmed the next morning, with only the traveler's lute beside her. Meranda kept the instrument to remind her that the outside world is not a hostile place, but a place to explore.


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