Merrel Peake
Merrel Peake

Merrel Peake

    1. Undaunted


      Peake does not handle criticism well, and will kill anyone who aggravates him. Deals {8727} damage to targets on a straight line.

    2. Exiled Noble

      Exiled Noble

      Peake is tasked with restoring the glory of the Garth family. Adds {2889} to Attack and {0} to Control Resilience for 4 seconds every 7 seconds.

    3. Unexpected Strength

      Unexpected Strength

      Peake loves to fight tough foes, striking them when their guard is down. Attacks have a chance to deal {2161} additional damage to the target.

    4. Gardener's Lineage

      Gardener's Lineage

      Adds {240} to Evade.

    1. Gardener's Fury

      Gardener's Fury

      Deals damage equivalent to 200% of the troop's attack to the enemy.

    2. Iron Mining Specialization

      Iron Mining Specialization

      Iron Production increased by 100%.

    3. Knight's Inspiration

      Knight's Inspiration

      Cavalry Health increased by 30%.

    4. Knight's Spirit

      Knight's Spirit

      Cavalry Attack increased by 30%.

  • "Remember, the blood of Garth Greenhand runs in your veins." Merrel heard this countless times growing up, and it once filled him with pride in his heritage and his family's days of glory. But because his family chose the wrong side in the Blackfyre Rebellion, Merrel grew up in humiliation and disgrace, being constantly called a "good dog" - a nickname that followed him like a curse. Like all exiled nobles, he dreams of returning to Westeros and taking back his heritage.


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