1. Sand Strike

      Sand Strike

      Arslan launches 3 attacks on a target. Each deal {7571} damage, plus {3750} additional damage when the target's Health is less than 30%.

    2. Rise to the Occasion

      Rise to the Occasion

      Fighting difficult foes gets Arslan's blood up. Adds {150} to Crit for 5 seconds and restores an additional 500 Might.

    3. Cocksure Attitude

      Cocksure Attitude

      Arslan's unhinged confidence inspires his men. Adds {3402} to Attack for 5 seconds at the start of battle.

    4. Champion of Hellholt

      Champion of Hellholt

      Adds {150} to Crit.

    1. Piercing Spear

      Piercing Spear

      Deals damage equivalent to 200% of the troop's attack to the enemy.

    2. Forestry Specialization

      Forestry Specialization

      Increase Wood Production by 100%.

    3. Phalanx's Inspiration

      Phalanx's Inspiration

      Spearmen Health increased by 30%.

    4. Preying Spears

      Preying Spears

      Spearmen Attack increased by 30%.

  • Arslan is a bastard with a strong, unruly personality and a distaste for following rules. He joined a mercenary group, where he quickly made a name for himself due to his sharp mind and excellent fighting skills. He lives by the motto: "Only a beautiful body or a foreign land is worth exploring."


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