1. Retaliation


      Cold features conceal a cold heart. Deals {4281} damage to the target and restores {530} Health for 5 seconds. The lower the Health, the better the effect.

    2. Surprise


      Russell's unorthodox attacks keep opponents off-balance. Deals an additional {4281} damage to target every 9 attacks, reducing target's Strategy by {44} for 5 seconds.

    3. Heavily Armored

      Heavily Armored

      Armor that Russell once stole from a Kingsguard provides him with impenetrable protection. Damage taken has a 15% chance of restoring {3183} Health.

    4. Battle-Hardened


      Adds {200} to Command.

    1. Silent Judgment

      Silent Judgment

      Deals damage equivalent to 200% of the troop's attack to the enemy.

    2. Stonemasonry Specialization

      Stonemasonry Specialization

      Increase stone production by 100%.

    3. Structure Specialization

      Structure Specialization

      Building Construction Speed increased by 20%.

    4. Knight's Spirit

      Knight's Spirit

      Cavalry Attack increased by 30%.

  • The events that led to Russell leaving his quiet, simple life and joining the infamous Brave Companions are a mystery. But whatever his reasons, he is a fierce fighter who kills for profit, and others think twice about crossing him.


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