1. Cold Arrow

      Cold Arrow

      Soren shoots 3 arrows, dealing {6993} damage to targets on a straight line.

    2. Butcher's Savagery

      Butcher's Savagery

      Attacks have 15% chance of dealing {3530} extra damage and reducing heal effects by {224567%} to 2 targets.

    3. Fled Without a Trace

      Fled Without a Trace

      Adds {240} to Evade every 8 attacks.

    4. Bloodthirsty


      Adds {1049} to Attack.

    1. Bull's Eye

      Bull's Eye

      Deals damage equivalent to 200% of the troop's attack to the enemy.

    2. Scholar's Sagacity

      Scholar's Sagacity

      Research Speed increased by 40%.

    3. Advanced Defense

      Advanced Defense

      Fortification Construction increased by 50%.

    4. Financial Knowledge

      Financial Knowledge

      Gold Production increased by 50%.

  • Soren was a butcher's son who became close with Ramsay Bolton. With a deft hand and his collection of knives, he can skin a man inside of an hour. What's worse, he enjoys the process. Even Roose Bolton considers him a monster.


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