1. Fiery Axe

      Fiery Axe

      A brutal slash that arcs out in a straight line, dealing {4977} damage to multiple enemies, burning them for {415} damage every second for 5 seconds.

    2. Burning Heart

      Burning Heart

      Normal attacks have a burn effect, dealing an additional {506} damage every second for 5 seconds.

    3. R'hlor's Light

      R'hlor's Light

      If Raymond is killed in battle, all remaining allies will regain {5188} Health and {200} Might.

    4. Battle Hymn

      Battle Hymn

      Adds {150} to Command.

    1. Flame Axe

      Flame Axe

      Deals damage equivalent to 200% of the troop's attack to the enemy.

    2. Scholar's Sagacity

      Scholar's Sagacity

      Research Speed increased by 40%.

    3. Financial Knowledge

      Financial Knowledge

      Gold Production increased by 50%.

    4. Ironblood Heal

      Ironblood Heal

      Camp Training Speed increased by 30%.

  • Raymond used to be a kind-hearted hunter. But when his son was murdered, he abandoned his faith in the Seven and joined the Brotherhood Without Banners. There, he found new faith in the Lord of Light, who gave Raymond the ability to use his blood to ignite his axe in battle. There are rumors that the Lord of Light may have given Raymond immortality as well, for he has survived even the most gruesome of battles.


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