1. Father's Judgment

      Father's Judgment

      Father, judge the sinners without mercy. Removes all buffs from enemies in a round area and deals {13079} damage to them.

    2. Mother's Embrace

      Mother's Embrace

      Mother, protect and bless the men who fight for us. Adds {4043} to Defense for 4 seconds whenever an enemy uses an active skill.

    3. Crone's Wisdom

      Crone's Wisdom

      Every 10 seconds, grant {20%} Resistance to self and 2 allies for 5 seconds.

    4. Seven Levels of Hell

      Seven Levels of Hell

      Adds {150} to Strategy.

    1. Stranger's Visit

      Stranger's Visit

      Deals damage equivalent to 200% of the troop's attack to the enemy.

    2. Financial Knowledge

      Financial Knowledge

      Gold Production increased by 50%.

    3. Warrior's Fury

      Warrior's Fury

      Infantry Attack increased by 30%.

    4. Warrior's Shield

      Warrior's Shield

      Infantry Defense increased by 30%.

  • The eldest son of a declining noble family, Feis gave up his lordship in order to serve the Seven. As a priest, he leads a pious life, believing a strong body and pure mind necessary to defend the faith. When the Faith Militant came into power, he was given a new title and role. As Great Septon Feis, he intends to show no leniency towards heretics.


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