1. Axe of the Chieftain

      Axe of the Chieftain

      Deals {2934} damages to enemies on a straight line.

    2. Howl at the Moon

      Howl at the Moon

      Grants a {6838} damage reduction and {25%} Control Resilience for 15 seconds at start of battle.

    3. Blood Axe

      Blood Axe

      15% chance of reflecting {50%} damage in 5 seconds when attacked.

    4. Mountain Spirit

      Mountain Spirit

      Adds {1844} to Defense.

    1. Moon Axe

      Moon Axe

      Deals damage equivalent to 200% of the troop's attack to the enemy.

    2. Logistic Coordination

      Logistic Coordination

      Increase Motivation limit by 6%

    3. Castle Building Specialization

      Castle Building Specialization

      Wall Defense increased by 50%.

    4. Warrior's Fury

      Warrior's Fury

      Infantry Attack increased by 30%.

  • Haley, Chieftain of the Moon Brothers, is respected for both her strength and skill in battle. But in the Mountains of the Moon, men whisper about her appearance. She knows and is ashamed of her 'ugliness,' for she is far too civilized and fair to be considered beautiful to the Mountain Men.


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